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Daisy Pot

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The perfect pot for a house plant or fake plant. The Daisy Pot features a simple floral print covering the full exterior.

  • Mini: 2.75"H x 2.9"W at top of pot
  • Mini pot has no drainage hole
  • Large: 6"H x 6.5"W at top of pot
  • Large pot has a drainage hole and includes a saucer
  • Sealed terracotta
  • Hand painted


  • Terracotta is very porous. While this pot has been sealed to prevent water seeping, use caution if placing and watering on a sensitive surface.
  • Can fill directly with soil or just place the nursery pot into the Daisy Pot
  • Terracotta may crack in extreme temperatures, so these pots are best used indoors or in a covered outdoor space in the summer.


Each Tawny Pine terracotta pot is hand painted, so the design may vary slightly from pot to pot. Because pots take a while to make, there are limited quantities of each design. If you would like more than we have in stock, feel free to contact us regarding an order.